Positive Thoughts

We had the IUI yesterday morning. Why don’t they do this in the evening, so you can go home and go to bed? Both IUI and IVF would benefit greatly from this. The doctor said that “magic” could happen in a few hours. I really, truly want to be positive about this. I read that if you have positive thoughts, it will happen. Like in “The Power of Positive Thinking” or “The Law of Attraction” or “The Secret”. Has any of this worked for anyone out there? Did you find your dream house because it was on your vision board? Did the perfect man walk into your life because you pictured him in your mind?


5 thoughts on “Positive Thoughts

  1. I had a sort of vision board for my husband. It was something silly I did with a friend. We wrote what we wanted on a piece of paper and put it away and forgot about it. 2 years later I found my tattoo’d foreigner πŸ˜€
    I’m sending you loads of positive vibes!!!


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