Improved Diet

I have been inspired by a number of ladies who blog to get back to eating healthy. I’m at the end of day 3. I’d like to make it to day 10, then 21, then a month. I’d like to continue as long as I can. Last year around this same exact time I did this “clean” diet, felt great, looked good, yet fell off the wagon around Halloween (near start of IVF #1). I’ve got the time, I’ve got the encouragement of my skinny summer clothes hanging in the closet. and I’ve got motivation. A month ago my mom asked if I was expecting. I was 6 weeks past the D&C, feeling shitty, and 8 pounds heavier than I am now. I jumped on my treadmill, became addicted to my Fitbit, and feel like punching her every time I see her, talk to her, receive an email from her. But she’s my mom.

Basically, the diet is no caffeine, no sugar, no gluten, no dairy, no alcohol. I’m fine with the caffeine and alcohol. Dairy I can handle. But sugar and gluten – ahhhh! I do think I slipped a bit today when I was in a pinch and needed to have something for lunch. I cooked a frozen black bean burger and saw that it wasn’t gluten-free. Sumbitch. But no worries here.

I was stalking some people from my past on Facebook last night and came across this woman who is several years older than me but is BANGIN’ hot. She said she has had sugar ONCE in three years. I totally believe that. She is very active. You can see every defined ab muscle. And I think she models. She also seems to be in love with herself with the number of nearly-naked selfies.

Just hanging out until the period starts again (hopefully Monday) so then I can wait until I ovulate to start taking extra estrogen to lead into the next cycle where I’ll do the stims again for IVF #4. This is my last try with the current clinic. My appointment with the new place to get a second opinion isn’t until late July, probably around the time I’ll be stimming (I hope).

Can I just add – we all need a hug to tell ourselves that it’s going to be ok. I read blogs every night. I am filled with joy for the great news, sadness for the broken-hearted, and every emotion that you all express, I feel. Hugs to you all.


4 thoughts on “Improved Diet

  1. Hugs to you too gorgeous lady! Go you with the healthy eating. Woot. Woot! Your post made me smile today. I feel like it has so much of your personality shining through. I like your funny side! Don’t worry about the small fails. I believe that the intention of eating well drives us to strive for perfection…but the reality is that we will fail here and there. But we fail less than we otherwise would and that is what is important. Go you! I know you can do it! I am going to try and extend mind out (but not blog daily) post 21 days too so let’s make it happen for a longer period together.

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  2. Wtg day 3! You’ve got this. IVF is pretty brutal to our bodies & minds. I’m going your dear mom didn’t know about the d&c??? Yikes, not a comfortable situation/conversation following a comment like that. I wish you continued success! That woman who had sugar once in 3 years?? Talk about deprivation! I only have a hard time believing it because I’m not sure my sugar (chocolate in particular) love will ever be locked away.

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  3. Hugs right back Atcha! Hang in there with the healthy eating! Try not to deprive yourself too much though…no sugar in three years, she must be an alien. Lol. Ivy is draining and sucky and brutal on motivation…we can probably all agree on that! Hang in there and those skinny clothes will be back on in no time. 😊

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