Increase in Meds?

I’m not on stims right now, but when I was on them a few weeks ago, I got to wondering…

What would happen if we increased our stims on our own, without talking to the docs?

They say 150 of Gonal F, why not slip an extra 50 in there? They say 20 Lupron… why 25 wouldn’t hurt. I didn’t do this, honest. But I wondered if you did, or if you know anyone else who did, and if it turned out better or worse.


6 thoughts on “Increase in Meds?

  1. I thought of that many times. Especially when I knew I would have so much medication left over at the end of a cycle! In the end I never did, for fear that my rogue move caused something that was going to be perfect, to be ruined.


  2. I have thought about it but I think the cocktail of various meds is thought out pretty well so wouldn’t want to mess with their protocol. Plus- I have always been on the max. I have given myself left over stims and clomid on my own self medicated cycle though ( BFN).


  3. lol you couldn’t actually do it here. They don’t really give you more than you need. My last clinic used to give me enough to get me to when they thought egg collection would be at the earliest (and it was also all marked out on a chart) and then when I went in for a scan and had more info they’d top me up. So they would know if I went rogue lol


  4. Ive heard of someone going a little bit rogue- they were being treated by one FS, but consulting with a second, more aggressive FS on the side. The consulting FS would get info from the patient after bloods and scans etc and adjust her meds in response.


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