Moving Forward …. Estrogen Priming?

I talked to my doctor today and he said that the surefire way to go to get pregnant is with donor egg. Not what I wanted to hear but kind of expected. The only extra thing I can do when trying another IVF cycle would be estrogen priming. I’d like to hear from those of you who have gone through that. Basically (I am told) I wait until I ovulate, take estrogen, and once the period starts I go through the same meds protocol I’ve been doing, which is the max dosage. He didn’t have any other recommended medications.

I said I would like to try this route and not go with egg donor. Downside – I have to wait until this cycle ends (about 2-3 more weeks), the next period starts, and then two weeks later (if my body cooperates) I’ll ovulate and can start the estrogen. He said he didn’t want to start on this cycle (I know I haven’t ovulated yet) since I have meds in my system.

I asked if the small cysts seen on day 2 of this cycle contributed to my body’s non-response to the meds. He said probably not. He also said that this cycle might run longer than 28 days .

By my calculations if all goes as I think it might, I would be looking at egg retrieval and transfer in mid-August. Egads. I will have moved on to age 41 by that point.

I also called the new clinic to make an appointment for a second opinion. They collected some initial information and gave me an appointment date of July 24. *gulp* That’s in 7 weeks. I’m also on the cancellation list in case something sooner comes up.


17 thoughts on “Moving Forward …. Estrogen Priming?

  1. wishing you all the best! I did estrogen priming with my most recent (successful) cycle, and I found it made a huge difference in having as many follicles in the running as possible, and for having more around the same size at retrieval. Good luck!

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  2. I have no experience with estrogen priming but if they told me it would help I would try it! Sucks that your second opinion isn’t sooner but the upside is that you might have more to tell them by the time you get to that point if you have done the priming thing. So much waiting…always the waiting. We can wait together ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I did estrogen priming with my first IVF cycle and ended up with 3 embryos to freeze. I think they call the protocol the Cornell protocol since Cornell really pushes this for its DOR patients. It can’t hurt. Good luck!

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